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The Bedouin - 8" Full Range Field Coil Driver

The Bedouin - 8" Full Range Field Coil Driver

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Introducing our top 8" wide range field coil driver, the Bedouin. This driver was developed primarily to offer a solution for a smaller system that can maintain the same impact, clarity and some of the efficiency of our typical larger systems.

The first 8" prototypes were based on the old F144 motor and were first used in shallow front loaded horns.

The success promoted us to dedicate more time on the 8" driver and investigate if the F144 motor was optimal or if it can be improved. The result of this investigation took shape as the Bedouin driver.


Overall Diameter: 210 mm

Cutout Diameter: 186 mm

Depth Dimension:210 mm

Weight: 9 kg

Field Coil Supply

Voltage [Max]: 12.0 V

Current [Max]: 2.0 A

T/S Parameters

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω

Fs: 64.0 Hz

Re: 5.7 Ω

Le: 0.6 mH

Qes [Min]: 0.4

Qms: 9.0

Qts [Min]: 0.4

BL [Max]: 9.0 Tm

Mms: 14 g

Cms: 0.44 mm/N

Rms: 2.8 kgs

Vas: 28 L

SD: 0.018 m^2

SPL: 95.0 dB/W/m

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy that drives our development of field coil drivers comes from experiment rather than analysis. We strongly believe that mid-bass or low mid section of the audio spectrum is where the "meat" of the music is. As such, we found that highly efficient drivers, with a large apperture used in wide baffles or horns are best at reproducing the "meat" of the music correctly.

  • Technical Notes

    Our philosophy is to equalize the system acoustically first and then electronically. For this reason the driver exhibits a rising frequency response that will help the system designer deal with horn or baffle loading at low frequencies. Typically these will boost the midrange in the 200-1khz range and naturally equalize the system.

  • Typical Usage

    The Bedouin driver features a wide frequency response and can be used as a full range driver or a wide range driver in a multi-way system. It is designed for either a bass-reflex enclosure, transmission line or horn loading.
    The Bedouin reproduces the vocal range naturally and with a sense of focus and clarity. Our customers are usually blown away by Bedouin's midrange.