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Paladin - 15" Field Coil Loudspeaker

Paladin - 15" Field Coil Loudspeaker

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The Paladin model represents one of the best 15” (380mm) LF field coil drivers that Kanzen Acoustics can produce. Its design was driven by the desire to produce a versatile driver that can be used in any LF alignment simply by adjusting its Q parameter.

Same philosophy was applied in Paladin as with most of the previous drivers, a low moving mass, a strong magnetic circuit, high compliance and a high overall efficiency.

datasheet is here.


Overall Diameter: 390 mm

Cutout Diameter: 360 mm

Depth Dimension:220 mm

Weight: 12 kg

Field Coil Supply

Voltage [Max]: 16.0 V

Current [Max]: 2.0 A

T/S Parameters

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω

Fs: 35.0 Hz

Re: 6.3 Ω

Le: 1.7 mH

Qes [Min]: 0.3

Qms: 10.2

Qts [Min]: 0.3

BL [Max]: Tm

Mms: 80 g

Cms: 0.25 mm/N

Rms: 1.72 kgs

Vas: 229 L

SD: m^2

SPL: dB/W/m

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy that drives our development of field coil drivers comes from experiment rather than analysis. We strongly believe that mid-bass or low mid section of the audio spectrum is where the "meat" of the music is. As such, we found that highly efficient drivers, with a large apperture used in wide baffles or horns are best at reproducing the "meat" of the music correctly.

  • Technical Notes

    The Paladin features a smooth frequency response that extends all the way to 3kHz. Depending on the field coil power, setting the system to be critically damped, underdamped or overdamped, the low frequency response can be adjusted to equalize the high frequency.

  • Typical Usage

    The Paladin is a very versatile driver. With a wide Qts range, low resonance frequency and great bandwidth it is suitable for most LF alignments. Its smooth response and acoustic qualities makes it a prime candidate for large format 2 way or 3 way systems where it can highlight its contribution to the mid-bass and mids.