About Us

Our Mission

From the very begining our mission was to make the beautiful sound of field coil powered loudspekears available to the larger public by offering an affordable solution. We started with Project Ryu in 2012 which openly offered design details, tools and methodologies for the enthusiasts to pursue their own projects. This resulted in a few memebers building their own drivers and even creating commercial products. We are very proud that our work created such a foundation for the revival of field coil speaker technology.

How it started
  • Stefan Andrei Chelariu

    An EE with a lifelong passion for anything audio that started designing and manufacturing louspeaker sytems since 2009. Operated a business mannufacturing and selling loudspeaker systems for professional FOH installations until 2012. From 2012 his interest focused on home audio and started design and manufacture of his first field coil loudspeaker drivers known as Project Ryu. Been designing and manufacturing field coil drivers ever since.

    When he's not working on speakers, Stefan is leading an embedded systems engineering team that designs radar satellite systems.

  • Victor Sierra

    A loudspeaker designer with decades of experience. His roots and involvement with speakers started with Voce Divina Loudspeaker based in Utah back in the 90’s. He then was introduced to high efficiency horn systems, like th of Altec, JBL and TAD and after that, with uber high end boutique japanese drivers Goto, YL, Ale. He knew then that this was the direction he wanted to pursue with his obsession in designing a loudspeaker that brings us closer to real life-like, live sound. He never looked back and his passion for horn design became an obsession.
    This lead into Sierra Brooks wooden horns and at the time only SB and Dr. Bruce Edgar were selling wooden circular horns to the DIY market. Through the years he has collaborated with some of the great Artisan Horn designers and his passion in pushing whats possible in audio design has only increased.
    With an impressive arsenal of hi-end equipment in his collection, Victor's judgement is an important part of the development process. He currently operates Sierra Audio that provide Bespoke top loudspeaker systems, some of which you will find on this site.

Our Roadmap

Down the line we would like to expand our product line by offering a driver model for each size category. Following the 15" Paladin driver there will be the 8" Bedouin driver.

1" compression drivers are top priority for us and after that 2" compression drivers will follow.

Our roadmap basically follows a top quality multiway system but with drivers that are very performant on their own that can be the main players in any project.